Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology – WinAt-Work

Developed by The Quality Group, OSU delivers this core workplace skills training through four engaging modules and simulation games that allow participants to watch, interact and problem solve.  Participants relate to its realistic and engaging workplace scenarios, which are presented by actors who look and talk like them.  The four modules include:  Interviewing, Good Work Habits, Getting Along and Getting Ahead.  Customer feedback suggests the training is appropriate for the audience, holds participants’ attention and effectively transfers knowledge.  By immersing participants in simulation after simulation, WinAt-Work gives participants the sense of confidence that comes from knowing how to handle a variety of workplace situations.  This tool can be used to develop soft skills expectations on a pre-employment basis or as part of the onboarding process.

Contact Mark Hays, Director of Workforce & Economic Development, OSU Institute of Technology – phone:  918-293-5130 – email:  mark.hays@okstate.edu