Character First

Character First from Strata Leadership is an ongoing training program being utilized by Kansas Aviation in Independence, Kansas.  Members of the Project 17 Soft Skills Team met with Toby Lavine, Kansas Aviation’s CEO, to learn first-hand the tremendous impact this program, built around 49 character traits, has on the organization.  The training received cuts right at the very issues employers are expressing concern about with regard to soft skills.  In this instance, the program has created a high performing organization with low employee turnover.  Kansas Aviation has a video about Character First on its website at and Strata Leadership describes what it offers as follows:

The Character Core program is designed for organizations that want to build a culture of character and competence from top to bottom.  Members receive a variety of resources every month that focus on a different “core strength”—including specific character qualities and leadership traits such as vision, responsibility, communication, trust, honesty, and perseverance.

Monthly Benefits:

  • Character Core DVD (1 per location); Character Core Magazine (1 for each employee); Character Core E-mail (available for all employees) with e-magazine and introduction video; Character Core Poster (1 per 25 employees); Core Insights E-mail (for leaders) with leadership tips, videos, and instructional PowerPoint®; and Meeting Planner, Recognition Worksheet, and Certificates (digital download)

 Additional Benefits:

  • Framed Member Certificate plus member logos for company websites and literature
  • Permission to reprint up to 300 words per month in company newsletters, etc. (with proper citation)

 How to Begin:

  • Use the Character Core Starter Kit to train your management team on how to build a culture of character and competence. (Available for purchase online.)
  • Call Strata Leadership at 877.357.0001 to enroll your organization. Please provide the total number of locations and employees.
  • Membership cost is $4 per employee per month. Ask us about bundling your membership with other services such as training, coaching, or assessments.

For more information about Character First and its benefits visit: