Made in the USA: More consumers buying American

NBC News published an article on a new trend happening among consumers: checking labels for ‘Made in the USA.’ Consumers are willing to pay a premium price knowing that they are receiving higher quality products and supporting domestic jobs. The co-founder of California-based Green Toys, Robert von Goeben, explains this phenomena that nowadays it’s more about the quality of the product, not the cheapest product.

Sarah Wagner, a blogger with a passion for domestically-made goods, founded USA Love List, a website devoted to sourcing American-made products and where to buy them. Wagner frequents big retailers in search of these products to feature on her site. Since its launch in November 2011, traffic to the site has soared. In the article, Wagner explains that “’There’s clearly a hunger for this sort of information…Companies have no idea how much Americans want to support American companies. They want to get behind their neighbors and communities to make sure those jobs stay there. It’s struck a nerve with a lot of people,’ she said.”

Green Toys, the 12-employee company, recognizes this and their downstream effect on jobs, which includes supporting local drivers, shipping and packaging companies and testing labs. The article states that “Later this year, Green Toys will ship its first batch of toys from northern California to China. Said von Goeben, ‘It’s the irony of all ironies.’”

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