Machine Tools Give Competitive Edge to Reshore

Recently ThomasNet, a supplier discovery and product sourcing website, published an article on how machine tools may be a factor in driving the reshoring trend. The article explains that the surging labor costs in China may not be the only reason companies are choosing to reshore. Companies are now finding that automation by robots can play a key role in preserving the bottom line when it comes to manufacturing domestically, as mentioned from the ThomasNet News Machining Journal.

With the latest generation of manufacturing technology, the efficiency benefits allow companies to be more competitive on cost. Rethink Robotics, an American firm, recently came up with a new generation of robot, known as Baxter, which does just that. The Economist stated that Baxter is “so safe and simple that it can be taught by an unskilled worker and operate right next to real people.” Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, claimed Baxter was an example of innovative technology that’s allowing companies to reshore.

The article explains that these precision machine tools can “help improve production quality at lower or comparable costs to overseas production.” Harry Moser states that “’by having advanced manufacturing, in which the setup cost is minimized, you further differentiate the ability to deliver just-in-time.’” At GF AgieCharmilles, Moser’s former company, they produce electric discharge machining (EDM) tools which regulate the manufacturing process for better consistency. Moser believes this is the competitive edge for American machining.

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