Connecting American Manufacturing, the world’s leading manufacturing marketplace online, released an article, Awarded Contract to Connect American Manufacturing; that goes into detail the service they now provide to the Department of Defense.

This service is the CAM program, or Connecting American Manufacturing.  The CAM program has two main objectives.  The first being to “make it easier for the DoD to find U.S. manufacturers with the right capability and capacity at the right time” and the second being to “make it easier for U.S. manufacturers to find and secure DoD opportunities that match their capabilities.”

The program is intended to improve faster times for parts to reach the Warfighter, reduce the cost for U.S. taxpayers without a reduction in quality, and improve opportunities for U.S. manufacturers to access DoD requests.

Mitch Free, founder and CEO of said, “It’s exciting to see our government leaders acknowledge the importance of investing in the future of the American manufacturing industry.  The CAM project is an example of how public-private partnerships can leverage commercial best practices to help the government while positioning the U.S. industrial base to be more globally competitive.”

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