About the Reshoring Project Visualization

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The graphic above provides an overview of the Advanced Manufacturing Reshoring Strategy Development Project. The summary of the project can be found here.

The graphic shows the various components of the project, how they relate and provides input to the formation of the Manufacturing Reshoring Strategy. The process of strategy formulation will start with analysis of what already exists in the region and the trend in reshoring to figure out the potential areas of opportunity.

The regional context is derived out of data analysis and visualization of the data collected. Visualizations are being created from data generated in the Industry and Cluster Analysis, Asset Mapping, and Skillshed Analysis activities. The Industry and Cluster Analysis activity identifies growing and declining sectors and quantifies their importance to the region. The Asset Mapping activity provides a comprehensive view of the regional assets that can help businesses become more innovative and grow and take advantage of the reshoring opportunities. The Skillshed Analysis identifies the education training needs to bridge the gap between the current workforce skills and the business needs in industry sectors seeking reshoring opportunities.

The opportunity analysis box includes a Literature Review of the reshoring landscape and trends on the national level to identify potential industry sectors for reshoring. An Input Output Analysis goes beyond reshoring to look at Nearshoring opportunities and also an examination of Supply Chain connections that might exist in the region or be created. Both of these activities are currently being performed by TDI and will provide the research and data for the basis of the Manufacturing Reshoring Strategy.

The Network Weaving activity is being led by SEK Inc. This activity identifies and develops a network of regional partners in the region. These connections will permit the development of a Supply Chain Network Development Map by connecting businesses to other businesses both within the region as well as outside the region. By crowd sourcing information, the network can strengthen and grow as information about the region will be fed continuously into the knowledge base created through the network weaving process by bring people together and forming connections.

The Economic Development Committee along with other key regional stakeholders will develop the Manufacturing Reshoring Strategy. This strategy will lead to creation of the Supply Chain Network Development Map to connect businesses both regionally and globally. The map will identify short term as well as long term tasks required to develop the supply chain network and bring reshoring activities into the region. The other component of the strategy will be to create an Information Portal designed to inform, connect, educate, and facilitate communication among manufacturing stakeholders in the region. The usefulness of the portal will be maximized by taking informational outputs from the Network Weaving process to add to the base. The information in the portal will also be used to continue the weaving process, acting as a meeting place for the region to learn more about each other and strengthen the network.