CTC announces network expansion to Pittsburg

COLUMBUS – Columbus Telephone Company (CTC) is announcing further expansion of the company’s 100 percent buried fiber-optic network to Pittsburg. The announcement is part of an ongoing transformation the 110-year-old company is undertaking that includes significant expansion of its fiber-optic services. Pittsburg area businesses will benefit by having more connectivity options and competitive pricing through CTC’s core network.

For more than 20 years CTC has had mainline fiber running from Columbus to Frontenac, just west of Pittsburg. The company is expanding this route on the east side of Pittsburg, essentially ringing the city. CTC will also be placing a network operations building in Pittsburg. The new fiber-optic network will enable CTC’s Optic Communications subsidiary to provide a host of enterprise services to Pittsburg businesses; many of which are not currently offered by other providers in the area.

“Many businesses today need far more than just fast internet,” Optic Communications Marketing Manager Nick Saporito said. “Enterprise grade connectivity has really become one of our specialties as an organization. Our network excels at providing custom solutions for large enterprise – we’re essentially a custom shop when it comes to connectivity.”

Optic Communications was granted a franchise agreement by the Pittsburg City Commission on July 28. The company plans to begin mainline construction of the Pittsburg immediately, with a projected 120 day construction period. The announcement does not impact CTC’s existing expansion plans.

“We truly look forward to becoming part of the Pittsburg community and are eager to see what it can accomplish with world-class fiber connectivity,” Optic Communications General Manager Trish Carroll said.

The announcement marks the company’s first expansion to provide services outside of Cherokee County. In the last 12 months, CTC has expanded its core fiber-optic network to Baxter Springs, Galena and Riverton. Additionally, the company launched its first-ever retail division with Parcom, LLC, which is a Verizon Wireless® retailer and NEC phone system with stores in Columbus and Parsons, and Miami, Oklahoma.