Recent Event Summaries

Start or Expand your Online Sales Event
Independence, Kansas – May 8th

Project 17 hosted an event last week in Independence garnering participation from 53 people from the region interested in growing their small business through e-commerce. Hugo’s Industrial Supply in Independence, a multi-generational family business, has been working for a few years with a handful of small local companies to sell their products online.  Hugo’s has been able to significantly increase the sales of these local businesses and is now opening up their “cost plus” model to other businesses who wish to utilize their services. Licenses are also being sold to use their software for companies who wish to ship items themselves. At the event, ISG Technology also presented about big data, the crucial importance of high speed internet for the economy of the region, and how higher speeds will be needed in the future. Attendees left the event excited about the possibilities to grow their business.

 Next Generation 9-1-1 Services Symposium
Pittsburg, Kansas – May 13th

In addition to the online sales event discussed above, Project 17 hosted an event with AOS, GeoComm, and Solacom Technologies to discuss next generation 9-1-1 services and how to most efficiently and effectively upgrade current emergency communications equipment as it reaches the end of its useful life. Working together to ensure public safety services at the most economical costs was a key topic of discussion. Interoperability and changes in technology are all issues that will affect the region’s public safety systems in the future. Participants left the symposium with a better understanding of current and future 9-1-1 technologies, in addition to learning the options available as the need to replace equipment arises.