Project 17 Southeast Kansas Unconference Recap

The inaugural Project 17 Southeast Kansas Unconference took place yesterday, Thursday, October 16th, at the Pittsburg State University College of Technology. The Unconference served as a forum for more than 80 attendees to create their own agenda and discuss topics of interest that are especially pertinent to the project region. Examples of popular issues that stemmed into 15 different breakout discussion sessions include: generational poverty, improving the image of Southeast Kansas, nutrition & health, and business issues like access to capital and assisting start-ups in the community. Most sessions concluded with creating a list of action items to address the issues brought up at the meetings in the hopes of finding future solutions.

Keynote speakers for the day included Ken Brock of Pittsburg, founder and CEO of Names and Numbers, as well as Joe Bisogno, founder of Mr. Goodcents and numerous other businesses. The gentlemen shared their success stories as well as inspirational words of wisdom to anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Overall it was a great day in the project region and we look forward to seeing some ideas from the Unconference come to fruition!

Special thanks to the Unconference Sponsors: NetWork Kansas, Innovative Business Resource Center, and Pittsburg State University.

Thank you also to Think Big Partners and the Project 17 Entrepreneurship Task Team for helping to organize the event.

Finally, a big thank you to the day’s facilitators as well: Dr. Paul Grimes, Dr. Mark Johnson, Dr. Eric Harris, Steve Radley, Keith Meyers, Darrell Pulliam, and Jim Correll

For video coverage of the Unconference can be found here courtesy of KOAM7TV.

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