Practical Steps for Network Weaving to Improve the Project 17 Region’s Economy

Network Weaving Workshop
November 5th, 2013


Bowlus Fine Arts Center
205 E. Madison Iola, KS 66740

Background: Network weaving focuses on increasing the effectiveness of inter-organizational (businesses, non-profits, etc.) and community networks (entrepreneurs, health, leadership, etc.). June Holley, Network Weaver Institute, has spent the last 30 years supporting the development of successful regional economic networks in rural areas. Network weaving allows for stronger business connections to break down barriers and increase opportunities.

Focus of the Day: We all connect to others every day in our businesses and organizations. Network weaving can facilitate greater collaboration resulting in increased exposure to new markets, business opportunities, contacts and regional development.

Morning Session: 9:00 – 12:00


The workshop will present several case studies on successful regional networks and how networked economies perform better. You will learn about the steps you need to take to create effective networks in the Project 17 Region. Additionally, you will have a chance to look at data from the region and learn how to identify assets you can build on.

You will learn about six kinds of regional networks, how to create them, and why the six kinds of networks are needed to create the support for businesses to succeed. You will also learn about the networks that are critical for thriving rural communities such as networks to ensure availability of quality health care.

These networks require a different kind of leadership called network weaving. At this workshop, you will assess your strengths and challenges as a network weaver and learn basic network weaving practices you can implement immediately. You will return to your community equipped with the tools and next steps that will enable you and others in your community to create a vibrant networked economy.

Afternoon Session: 1:30-4:00


For those interested in learning more about network weaving, the afternoon session will provide an opportunity for advanced skill development.

Participants will first analyze the network maps created from the results of a recent survey, identifying existing network hubs, and exploring ways to more strategically connect people around the region.

Participants will also learn techniques for mobilizing organizations and volunteers to engage in community improvement.


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