Independence Community College Fab Lab Already Changing Lives in Project 17 Region

Amazing, life-changing things are already happening as a result of Independence Community College’s new community fabrication lab. The lab has been used to fabricate, using a 3-D printer, a prosthetic hand to improve the life of a 13-year-old girl, Kara, who lives north of Independence. (Watch the video below to see her receive her new hand!) A friend of the girl’s father, along with two ICC students, created a Cyborg Beast hand for Kara who was born with no fingers on one hand.

Kara’s insurance company had previously denied a request for a $40,000 prosthesis, but Kara says the hand that was made in the ICC Fab Lab will do everything, and even more than, the expensive prosthesis anyway. Kara’s neighbors had been trying to raise money to buy a 3-D printer to make the hand themselves but then heard about the ICC Fab Lab and were invited to use the lab to fabricate the hand. Kara’s family friend and the ICC students started the project last Tuesday. Saturday, he took the completed hand home for a trial fitting and tweaking. Both Kara and her new hand, will be at the grand opening of the Fab Lab on Wednesday.

AMAZING, REMARKABLE, and LIFE-CHANGING. Be sure to watch the video here to see Kara receive her new hand and come on out to the Fab Lab Grand Opening tomorrow, 10/1, to check out the awesome new facility and resources, and meet her in person!