Application Forms – Food Safety, Egg, and Lodging

Payment may be made by major credit card, check, cashiers check or money order only. 

For credit card payments, please complete the credit card and electronic payment form and fax to 785-564-7490 along with the license application.

If you are a Corporation, LLC, or another form of business entity besides an individual or partnership, you are required to register with the Kansas Secretary of State prior to being issued your license.  You may contact them at 785-296-4564 or click here for more information.

Failure to obtain a license may result in regulatory action. Licenses are valid from April 1st through March 31st.
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  • Food Safety

    Restaurant Application (Restaurant, School Cafeteria not participating in the National School Lunch Program, Senior Meal Site, Satellite Senior Meal Site, Caterer, Mobile Food Vendor, Grocery Store, Convenience Store, Discount Store, etc.)  

    Pursuant to the Kansas Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, K.S.A. 65-619 et seq., a food service establishment shall be licensed by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. If there are multiple individual businesses with different owners within your facility, each requires an individual license.

    A food business that is Unattended or is a Micro Market is required to have a Food Establishment Category IV License.

    Mobile Unit Log must be completed and submitted with the Food Establishment Application for any mobile unit. This form needs to be completed at time of application with a list of areas or events you will be attending so we may schedule a licensing inspection.

    School Application

    Schools receiving National School Lunch Program Funds are required to have two food safety inspections per year. The application fee, which is only paid on initial licensing, is $200. The annual license fee for each school lunch program is $415. The annual license fee for each satellite school lunch program is $340.

    A satellite school lunch program means any program offered through an education facility with a school lunch program that is operated at a different location as designated by the education facility. A satellite school lunch program does not have on-site food preparation, except portioning food for service.

    Food Processing Storage Application (Food processors, food warehouses, storage facilities)

    Pursuant to the Kansas Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, K.S.A. 65-619 et seq., a Food Processor shall be licensed by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. A Food Processor is an operation that provides food to other food operations for further distribution, with or without charge. Food Processors include food wholesalers, food warehouses, food re-packers, and food manufacturers.

    A Food Storage Facility is a commercial operation that stores food for human consumption but does not provide food directly to the consumer. 

    License fees for Food Processors and Food Storage Facilities are based on the size of the facility.

    The application fee for Food Processors and Food Storage Facilities is $100.

  • Lodging

    Lodging Establishment Application & Fee Schedule
    Lodging Establishments are operations that offer sleeping accommodations for a charge. Lodging Establishments include guest houses, hotels, motels, bed & breakfast homes, lodges, rooming houses, and boarding houses. The application fee is based on the total number of rooms with an additional license fee depending on the number of rooms. You will need to have a Food Establishment license if you plan to serve food to the public, including overnight guests.

    Application Fee:
    1 – 29 Rooms = $100
        30+ Rooms = $200

    License Fee:
     1 – 9 rooms……$ 30.00
    10 – 19 rooms……$ 40.00
    20 – 29 rooms……$ 50.00
    30 – 39 rooms……$ 60.00
    40 – 49 rooms……$ 70.00
    50 – 59 rooms……$ 80.00
    60 – 69 rooms……$ 90.00
    70 – 79 rooms……$100.00
    80 – 89 rooms……$110.00
    90 – 99 rooms……$120.00
    100 – 109 rooms……$130.00
    110 – 119 rooms……$140.00
    120 – 129 rooms……$150.00
    130 – 139 rooms……$160.00
    140 – 149 rooms……$170.00
    150 – 159 rooms……$180.00
    160 – 169 rooms……$190.00
    170 – 179 rooms……$200.00
    180 – 189 rooms……$210.00
    190 – 199 rooms……$220.00
    200 – 209 rooms……$230.00
    210 – 219 rooms……$240.00
    220 – 229 rooms……$250.00
    230 – 239 rooms……$260.00
    240 – 249 rooms……$270.00
    250 – 259 rooms……$280.00
    260 – 269 rooms……$290.00
    270 – 279 rooms……$300.00
    280 – 289 rooms……$310.00
    290 – 299 rooms……$320.00
    300 – 309 rooms……$330.00
    310 – 319 rooms……$340.00
    320 – 329 rooms……$350.00
    330 – 339 rooms……$360.00
    340 – 349 rooms……$370.00
    350 – 359 rooms……$380.00
    360 – 369 rooms……$390.00
    370 – 379 rooms……$400.00
    380 – 389 rooms……$410.00

  • Egg

    Egg License Application
    Any person selling, offering for sale or distributing, or grading eggs in Kansas needs to obtain a license. The license fee is $5 each year and the license is valid until December 31st each year. 

    A producer of eggs when selling ungraded eggs of the producer’s own flock production directly to the end consumer is exempted from the egg license if the producer owns 250 or fewer hens. See the Egg Fact Sheet for Small Flocks/Farmers Market for more information about the exemption.

    Food Retailers and Restaurants selling or using eggs from a Licensed Egg Producer, distributor, or last handler are also exempt from the egg license.

    Licensees must keep and retain for 3 years such records required to verify the quantity of eggs bought, sold, offered for sale or distributed in the State of Kansas. An inspection fee of 3.5 mills for each dozen of graded eggs sold, offered or exposed for sale or distribution must be reported quarterly. The minimum quarterly fee is $15, unless Egg Stamps are used. 

    Food Retailers who remove eggs from their original cartons and repackage them for resale must also pay the egg inspection fee. The repackaged eggs must not be marked any higher than Grade B. 

    All eggs sold to restaurants or grocery stores must meet at least Grade B requirements. Information about grading eggs is available from the USDA Egg-Grading Manual.

    Egg Distributor or Last Handler 
    This form is a supplement to the Egg Application and needs to be submitted by all last handlers or distributors.

    Egg Quarterly Inspection Report
    An inspection fee of 3.5 mills for each dozen of graded eggs sold, offered or exposed for sale or distribution must be paid quarterly. The minimum quarterly fee is $15, unless Egg Stamps are used.

    Egg Stamp Application
    An inspection fee of 3.5 mills for each dozen of graded eggs sold, offered or exposed for sale or distribution must be paid. Egg Stamps are stickers that are affixed to each container. Each Egg Stamp represents the inspection fee for one dozen eggs. Egg inspection fee stamps may be purchased at a minimum order of 1,000 carton stamps.  Egg stamps are available in each size and Grade combination, or an Egg Stamp with blank lines for size and grade is available. The generic Egg Stamp is useful when multiple size and grade combinations may needed.

    Egg Fact Sheet for Last Handler

    Egg Fact Sheet for Small Flocks/Farmers Market

  • Online Renewals

    Lodging, Food Processing, Food Storage and Food Establishments 

    (Food Establishment covers: Restaurant, School Cafeteria, Senior Meal Site, Satellite School Cafeteria, Satellite Senior Meal Site, Caterer, or Mobile Food Vendor).  

    Renewals are e-mailed to businesses that have an e-mail associated with them in our system the first week of January.  

    To pay for your license renewal(s) on-line go to Renewals prior to April 30th. 

    You will find instructions under Online License Renewal Instructions.

    If your business created a user ID last year, you will find the user ID on the renewal under “External Username”.  If it is blank, you will need to create a user name and password for your first time.  Once you have an account you may add the Business Code(s) from your renewal form(s) to your account so they may be paid together. Once your payment has been processed you will get an e-mail confirmation.

    You will receive an e-mail containing your license, at the email address that received the renewal.  You will need to print this license and post it where it is visible to the public.  If you do not have an email address, your license will be printed on a daily basis from our office.  Please allow 7-10 days to receive it.

    If you are unable to renew on-line, paper copies will be mailed out the first week of March.  When you mail in your paper renewal, you will need to include the 4% processing fee per facility you are renewing by paper.  There is not a processing fee to renew your license on-line.

    Please contact the program at (785) 564-6733 or if you have additional questions.

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