Youth Leadership

Younger generations are tomorrow’s leaders. Project 17 is dedicated to encouraging young aspiring leaders to get connected in local leadership programs.

Inspiring young leaders in our region will: 

  • Create generations of youth that are better informed about the community’s needs.
  • Encourage individuals who are forward-thinking and willing to contribute innovative ideas.
  • Solve community challenges with fresh problem-solving outlooks and new ideas.
  • Leverage social and economic opportunities.
  • Build a better quality of life.


Engaging the Youth in Our Communities

Kansas Leadership Center

An in-kind grant from the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) is providing multi-session civic leadership training programs. These free, 1-day leadership training sessions are offered to anyone who lives or works in the 17 county Project 17 region. Additionally, people from the Project 17 region are encouraged to attend one of KLC’s longer programs in Wichita at a reduced cost. Training covers the difference between technical and adaptive leadership skills. Additionally, the programs review the KLC competencies: diagnose the situation, intervene skillfully, energize others and self-management. These core focus areas help individuals develop personally while also making progress toward more long-term regional goals.

Learn More About KLC

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Inspire youth leadership in your community. Get Connected!