Connecting Local Leadership Programs

There is dedication to building a community-wide network of leadership programs. For too long, organizations have felt disconnected from other local initiatives, so the goal is to make communication and collaboration easier. By combatting the challenges of living in America’s rural heartland, the community can build upon the benefits of living in this region and create opportunities for leadership programs to learn from one another.

The goal is to encourage people to get connected in local leadership programs whether it be at the local or regional level and to ensure that there are concrete ways that developmental growth practices can be shared in the region collectively.

Creating a Network of Local Leadership Programs Will: 

  • Build a collection of more resources for the community.
  • Create awareness regarding initiatives happening throughout the Project 17 region.
  • Improve the level of leadership programs available to residents and local professionals.
  • Create a model for other rural communities throughout the country.

Want to be active in local leadership? Get Connected!