Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention

Substance abuse has a major impact on families and the community they live in. Common effects on families dealing with addictive substances are large amounts of emotional stress, child abuse and neglect, poverty, injuries, illness, and even death. Economic vitality of the community is also impacted by low quality employees and missed work due to substance abuse.
Improving resources to deal with addiction and those with addicted family members in the region will create stronger families and communities. A better quality workforce will be created with more engaged and reliable employees, and lower crime rates will increase quality of life for all current and potential residents.


Improving Substance Abuse in the Region

Community Strategies

Rural communities often have limited resources to deal with the consequences of substance abuse. Project 17 is working with community coalitions to implement community wide strategies to lower alcohol and drug abuse in the region and provide support to those struggling with addiction.


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