Education & Workforce

The region has the highest unemployment rate in the state. The issues contributing to this unemployment rate include:

  • Soft skills deficiencies, making it difficult for employers to find qualified employees and for employees without these skills to hold a long-term job.
  • Lack of workforce readiness, as individuals are not fully trained in the areas of professionalism, work ethic, worker reliability and hygiene necessary for maintaining steady employment.
  • Workforce development mismatch between the skills of the workforce and the jobs available.


But, it does not have to be this way. With our education and workforce initiatives we can:

  • Improve the unemployment rate so more people in the region can work and secure long-term employment to create a better quality of life for themselves and generations to come.
  • Improve soft skills to create an overall more qualified and better workforce in the region, which will in turn attract new employers.
  • Increase jobs filled with employees who are qualified and prepared to take on a professional role.

Improve "Soft Skills" of Workforce

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Match Education to Business Needs

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Promote STEAM Careers / Education

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