Promote Region’s Quality of Life

We envision a higher quality of life for the residents within the region. We have many assets to promote and share with others what makes this region great.

As positive change occurs in our region, we want to raise awareness about the improvements that are happening. This is integral to changing the attitudes and perceptions of current and prospective residents.

Programs to Improve the Quality of Life

Regional Marketing/Promotion

Some of the major benefits of living in our region include:

  • Limited commute times
  • Land availability / open spaces
  • Outdoor hunting and fishing


Why Do You Love Southeast Kansas? Video Contest

In an effort to improve the social and economic well-being of the region, a video contest was held to promote various positives about the region. The intent of this contest was to strengthen a sense of belonging and to encourage young people to reflect on what they love about the region.

View the Lucky Horseshoe 4-H Club Video

View the Eureka High School Video


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