Promote Local Business

The Project 17 region is home to hundreds of local businesses from small operations to multi-national companies. The region’s goal is to build upon the foundation that brave and hardworking business owners have already created to continue to attract new opportunities and business development. Project 17 hopes to connect businesses in the region with opportunities to help stimulate company growth, supply chain development, and new economic ventures.
Business growth will directly impact our citizens. Growing businesses will lead to the advancement of local businesses, the creation of higher paying jobs, and the growth of the region’s population.


Regional Asset Map Highlights Local Companies

To raise awareness about major companies and resources located in our community, we have created an interactive tool that identifies economic development, innovation, entrepreneurship, and workforce education assets throughout the region.

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Improving Access to Broadband

Slow broadband speed is one of the biggest issues in the region in addition to high cost of service for some business. Without connectivity outside the region, business growth is significantly limited, thus limiting job creation and global competitiveness. Improving broadband access and speed will increase efficiency, connectivity and visibility for businesses within the region. This will lead to growth of current businesses and attracting new businesses to the region. The Broadband Assessment, Planning, and Engineering Project is underway to lay the groundwork throughout the region to develop the business case for regional investment in broadband.

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