Increase & Support Entrepreneurship

We believe that this region will benefit from a community of innovative and collaborating entrepreneurs. Creating and fostering such an environment will create a developed entrepreneurial infrastructure and more resources to spawn new growth. Without a focus on cultivating an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset within the region’s current and future workforce, and helping people connect to innovation assets and other entrepreneurial thinkers, this region will fall further behind in the global economy.

Project 17’s goal is to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the region, and support those running and starting businesses. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in economic development as key contributors to technological innovation and new job growth. They help build communities by providing jobs, conducting business locally, creating and participating in entrepreneurial networks, investing in community projects, giving to local charities, and overall creating a better way of life within the region.


Developing Regional Entrepreneurship Programs

Business-to-Business Networking Opportunities

Project 17 works with partners to create business-to-business development opportunities within the region. This includes helping companies to connect to opportunities to grow their reach and sales both inside Kansas, the United States, and globally.

Entrepreneur Incubation Network

This network of professionals hosts brown bag lunch sessions to connect entrepreneurs across the region to share experiences, learn from each other, and help those getting started.

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