Increase Innovation

There is a lack of innovative and high growth entrepreneurial activities, as well as business to business development within the region. The region’s opportunity infrastructure is limited by the lack of knowledge of resources available to entrepreneurs and businesses. Without a focus on cultivating an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset within the region’s current and future workforce, and helping people connect to innovation assets and other entrepreneurial thinkers, the region will fall behind in the global economy.
Increasing innovation resources and awareness in the region will allow entrepreneurs and visionaries to achieve their goals, bringing increased visibility and new business opportunities throughout the 17 counties. Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and creating a culture of innovation in the region can change the way we live and work. Cultivating and promoting resources can benefit individuals by bringing economic development and new job opportunities to the region.

Innovation Initiatives

FabLab Network Development

A fab lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication. Students, entrepreneurs, community members, and manufacturers are able to make nearly anything of which they can conceive, or at least a physical model.

Technical Assistance for Businesses

Project 17 has partnered with the Technology Development Institute (TDI) to provide technical assistance to businesses throughout the region.

TDI provides:

  • Technology Research & Development –  feasibility studies, technology investigations, concept and systems development, computational modeling, and design verification.
  • Manufacturing Services – manufacturing systems development, prototype and equipment fabrication, tooling and fixture development, contract manufacturing, and operations improvement.
  • Design & Engineering Services – new product development (specifications, concept and detailed design), computer aided design and manufacturing, product prototyping, engineering analysis and testing, and custom equipment development..
  • Operations Planning  – manufacturing supply chain and distribution systems development.

Explore TDI Services

Explore Pittsburg State University Center for Innovation & Business Development


Explore Kansas Small Business Development Center – Pittsburg State University

Co-Hosting the Kansas Innovation Summit

The goal of the summit is to bring together those that can inspire all of us to think about innovation and what it would mean to our regional and Kansas economy if innovation and entrepreneurship were part of the culture in our businesses and schools. P17 has been a co-host for the 2014 and 2015 summits.

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