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Broadband connectivity and affordability is a major challenge for the Project 17 region, stunting the growth of businesses in certain areas due to limited connectivity options at high prices and low speeds. In fact, many counties within the region are not provided with sufficient internet connectivity to upload or download information, which is a vital business tool. This inhibits visibility and growth of businesses and results in limited opportunities for e-commerce, networking with parent companies out of state, tele-health, tele-commuting, and online education opportunities. Without high-speed affordable connectivity inside and outside the region, business growth is significantly limited, thus limiting job creation and global competitiveness.
High-speed internet access has the power to “level the playing field” for many of the region’s communities with respect to economic opportunity. For the first time, geography is no longer an insurmountable barrier to growth. High connectivity enables businesses within the region to execute commerce and collaborate with customers and suppliers, not only in the U.S., but throughout the world.
Quality access to high-speed internet will result in increased efficiency, connectivity, and visibility for businesses within the region, leading to the growth of current businesses and attracting new businesses to Southeast Kansas. Improved broadband can also improve quality of life for individuals with better connectivity beyond the region for personal education, health, and leisure use.


Improving Connectivity Throughout the Region

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The Broadband Connectivity Asset Map highlights companies throughout the region that provide internet services or are working to create enhanced connectivity options.

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Broadband Assessment/Planning/Engineering Project

This project is underway to lay the groundwork throughout the region to develop the business case for regional scale investments in broadband.


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