Truck Detour in effect Thursday through September

TRUCK DETOUR IN EFFECT THURSDAY THROUGH SEPTEMBER: Early on Thursday, June 9, the intersection of K-47 and K-7 in Girard will be closed to traffic. The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is reconstructing this intersection as a geometric improvement project to improve traffic flow and drainage.
A detour on state routes has been set up for through truck traffic only. It will remain in effect through September, weather permitting. The state route detour for eastbound through trucks on K-47 to Fort Scott: proceed north on K-3 to K-39, then east on K-39 to U.S. 69 south of Fort Scott. Westbound truck traffic from Fort Scott to St. Paul will take the same route in the opposite direction.
The state route detour for westbound K-47 through truck traffic from the U.S. 69/K-47 junction to St. Paul: proceed south on U.S. 69 to U.S. 400, west on U.S. 400 to U.S. 59, north on U.S. 59 to the south K-47/U.S. 59 junction, then east on K-47 to St. Paul. Eastbound truck traffic should take the same route in the opposite direction.
During the closure all other traffic will follow a signed detour on Girard city streets: K-47 westbound traffic should proceed south on Ozark to Walnut, then west on Walnut to Osage, and north on Osage to K-47. Eastbound traffic should follow the same route in the opposite direction.
Crawford County has posted signs prohibiting through truck traffic on the paved county roads around Girard. Violators will be prosecuted. No through trucks will be permitted on the city detour route around the project.