Wages vs Education

Wages vs Education Tab
The graphic on the left shows distribution of jobs (based on SOC) by education level and the average hourly earnings for the region. The SOC (Standard Occupation Code) are defined by BEA and state the job titles, education and experience level required for each. The height indicates the average hourly wages and across the education and experience level required for a particular job. The size of the circle represents the number of jobs for each SOC. The average earning for all SOC for a particular education & experience level is shown by a horizontal bar in each column.
Hovering over any single dot shows more details for that SOC such as title, wages, and number of employees. Clicking on any one single circle selects that SOC and shows detail for it in all the graphs on the tab. Unselect by clicking again the circle or anywhere in white space on the chart.
The top right bar chart shows distribution of jobs for the experience and education required and the average wage they earn. Each bar at a specific wage level shows how many people work at that wage level and a particular education and training level.
The bottom right bar chart shows the number of SOCs by education and experience level at different wages. Each bar shows how many SOC are there that earn that particular average hourly wage and color of the bar separates them by education and experience level.