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Soft Skill Programs at Community Colleges

Neosho County Community College- Partners in Change

Designed so participants recognize they are the essential ingredient in their own success.  196 clock hours over the course of six weeks, starting at 2 hours per day and increasing to 8 hours per day.  Participants learn how to better manage their lives by developing personal life skills as well as employment skills.  Areas addressed include:  career planning, job search techniques, professional development and job retention strategies, personal goal setting, value exploration, time management, and increased computer and academic skills.  The workplace training component can include:  workplace communication, workplace math, employability skills, and blueprint reading.  CASAS appraisal determines reading and math levels so instruction can be tailored to meet individual needs.  This is a great boot camp approach for those with the greatest need to improve their employability skills.  People who complete the program will leave the program with a professional cover letter and resume, a Kansas WORKReady! Certificate, opportunity to complete their GED/high school diploma, and follow up services to assist with their transition into the workforce.

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Kansas City Kansas Community College FLEET Program

The FLEET (financial literacy, employability skills and entrepreneurship training) program is a flexible skills training program which is developed in both credit and noncredit formats.  Noncredit versions of the program include workshops and extracurricular training opportunities for KCKCC students and community members at little or no charge. An Essential Career Skills course offered for credit through KCKCC is required in all Business degrees and certificates. FLEET programming is offered through the DOL, TAACCCT grant, called T4E (Training for Employment) at KCKCC’s new Technical Center, to help provide a comprehensive support system that facilitate a person’s seamless transition to employment. The FLEET program is based upon research published by Edmiston, Gillett-Fisher and McGarth’s in 2009 entitled “Weighing the Effects of Financial Education in the Workplace.” FLEET is also based on Mid America Regional Council’s research on the soft skills areas of highest value as indicated by regional companies. The FLEET program moves forward on the premise that financial training and soft skills training leads to improved work outcomes.

For more information contact Marvin Hunt at KCKCC at (913) 288-7276 or


Salina Area Technical College (SATC) PSY 100

This soft skills course includes skills needed to remove barriers between people and a better career.  The course explores socio-economic class communication, financial literacy, economic stability, and SMART goal setting.  Highlighted in a process called “How Students Find their HOME@SATC (HOME=helping, outreach, mentor & educate), the participants start with the objectives of getting started, gaining education, and getting a better job.  Participants start by meeting with SATC staff for an individual interview and goal setting.  PSY 100 is 6 weeks in length.   However, participants also meet with SATC’s Outreach Coordinator once a week for up to a year and are matched with an expertise or Resource Mentor who they meet with at least three times over their year of participation.  Participants set goals and utilize their resource mentor to help them remove the barriers between them, furthering their education, or obtaining living wage employment.

For more information contact:  Lara Duran at Salina Area Technical College– 785-309-3169 or visit


Wichita Area Technical College – Global Professional Standards

The Global Professional Standards (GPS) course provides an overview of human relations and professional development in today’s rapidly changing world, and helps prepare students for living and working in a complex society. The 2 credit hour course is interwoven into all of the technical programs.  Specific topics of the course include the skills needed to obtain and retain a job, including the 10 characteristics of global professional standards – Attendance; Character; Teamwork; Appearance; Attitude; Productivity; Time Management; Communication; Cooperation; and, Respect.  During this course, students create a resume and participate in a mock job interview.  Online interactive content has been developed for the course and it is offered as a traditional or online course.

For more information, contact Sheree Utash at (316) 677-9536 or

Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST)

BEST will be available in about six months (early 2015) through the KANSASWORKS Workforce Centers administered by Southeast KANSASWORKS.  This soft skills program will include eight workshop modules focused on the essential skills needed to be successful in the workplace.  The modules include:  Getting a Job; Dependability; Appearance, Health and Wellness; Power of a Positive Attitude; Keeping Your Job; Working with the Public/Customer Service; Effective Communication; and Resolving Conflict.

For more information contact:  Leanne Kehres, Executive Director of Southeast KANSASWORKS at      620-366-0046.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology – WinAt-Work

Developed by The Quality Group, OSU delivers this core workplace skills training through four engaging modules and simulation games that allow participants to watch, interact and problem solve.  Participants relate to its realistic and engaging workplace scenarios, which are presented by actors who look and talk like them.  The four modules include:  Interviewing, Good Work Habits, Getting Along and Getting Ahead.  Customer feedback suggests the training is appropriate for the audience, holds participants’ attention and effectively transfers knowledge.  By immersing participants in simulation after simulation, WinAt-Work gives participants the sense of confidence that comes from knowing how to handle a variety of workplace situations.  This tool can be used to develop soft skills expectations on a pre-employment basis or as part of the onboarding process.

Contact Mark Hays, Director of Workforce & Economic Development, OSU Institute of Technology – phone:  918-293-5130 – email:

Bridges out of Poverty Training      

Bridges out of Poverty Training  is a non-traditional soft skills program that helps supervisors, business owners, or fellow employees understand the culture of poverty and employee behaviors.  This workshop helps participants develop a better understanding of the driving forces behind the three socio-economic classes and the hidden rules of poverty, middle class, and wealth.  Objectives include:

  • Explore mental models of economic poverty, middle class and wealth and the driving forces of each class.  This can be used to motivate employees and build relationships.
  • Learn the hidden rules of each class in order to better understand and communicate with each other.
  • Explain how economic realities affect patterns of living and how this impacts what an employee brings with them to the job.
  • Understand the causes of poverty in order to build resources for employees.  Identify the eight resources a customer or employee needs to succeed.
  • Identify the eight resources a customer or employee needs to succeed.

Learn about how Cascade Engineering in Grand Rapids, Michigan implemented Bridges out of Poverty in its workplace at:

For more information contact us.

Community Action Programs

These programs focus on helping people in poverty obtain the resources they need to become employed:


East Central-KS CAP (ECKAN) ECKAN is a community action agency providing a wide range of services to low income persons and serves approximately 3200 individuals.  ECKAN serves Anderson, Coffey, Franklin and Miami Counties in the Project 17 region.   Services ECKAN provides include:  community food and nutrition; FEMA assistance; Head Start Program; Housing Choice Voucher Program; Housing Counseling and Rentals; providing Outreach and Referrals for services; serves as a Community Volunteer Center; and operates a Weatherization Program.  ECKAN also funds a Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program through its Housing Choice Voucher Program.  The FSS Program participants develop and follow a personalized plan that is designed to assist the family in achieving goals that they have set for themselves.  To help achieve these goals, ECKAN sets up an individual case management program that may include one or all of the following items:  education, personal finance (budgeting), parental counseling, housing, health needs, training programs, employment training, etc.

For more information about the resources available at ECKAN visit:


SE-KS CAP (SEK-CAP)  SEK-CAP is a non-profit community action agency, dedicated to eliminating the causes of poverty in Southeast Kansas and serves approximately 1600 individuals in Allen, Bourbon, Chautauqua, Cherokee, Crawford, Elk, Labette, Linn, Montgomery, Neosho, Wilson and Woodson Counties in the Project 17 region.  SEK-CAP’s services address the following specific community needs:  housing, utilities, transportation, employment, medical care, childcare, education, nutrition, and community resource awareness.  SEK-CAP is skilled in Life Skills Development through education related to life skills such as financial management and budgeting, goal-setting, problem solving and how to improve inter-personal relationships.

For more information about SEK-Cap visit:


Mid-Kansas CAP  The Mid-Kansas Community Action Program, Inc. is a community-based, non-profit organization that helps people move out of poverty.  Agency-wide, the organization serves about 200 families per year with ten to fifteen of those currently in Greenwood County.  The organization:

  • Provides programs and services focused on expanding community housing options, education, employment and economic mobility, family development and support services;
  • Actively engages community members, businesses and social service organizations in anti-poverty collaborations; and
  • Continuously improves the accountability and capacity of the organization to pursue its mission of “Helping People, Changing Lives” Mid-Kansas CAP will work with individuals in either a group or an individual setting to:  increase job search results; create and edit a professional resume; improve interview techniques; and make a new job last.

For more information about Mid-Kansas CAP visit:

Character First

Character First from Strata Leadership is an ongoing training program being utilized by Kansas Aviation in Independence, Kansas.  Members of the Project 17 Soft Skills Team met with Toby Lavine, Kansas Aviation’s CEO, to learn first-hand the tremendous impact this program, built around 49 character traits, has on the organization.  The training received cuts right at the very issues employers are expressing concern about with regard to soft skills.  In this instance, the program has created a high performing organization with low employee turnover.  Kansas Aviation has a video about Character First on its website at and Strata Leadership describes what it offers as follows:

The Character Core program is designed for organizations that want to build a culture of character and competence from top to bottom.  Members receive a variety of resources every month that focus on a different “core strength”—including specific character qualities and leadership traits such as vision, responsibility, communication, trust, honesty, and perseverance.

Monthly Benefits:

  • Character Core DVD (1 per location); Character Core Magazine (1 for each employee); Character Core E-mail (available for all employees) with e-magazine and introduction video; Character Core Poster (1 per 25 employees); Core Insights E-mail (for leaders) with leadership tips, videos, and instructional PowerPoint®; and Meeting Planner, Recognition Worksheet, and Certificates (digital download)

 Additional Benefits:

  • Framed Member Certificate plus member logos for company websites and literature
  • Permission to reprint up to 300 words per month in company newsletters, etc. (with proper citation)

 How to Begin:

  • Use the Character Core Starter Kit to train your management team on how to build a culture of character and competence. (Available for purchase online.)
  • Call Strata Leadership at 877.357.0001 to enroll your organization. Please provide the total number of locations and employees.
  • Membership cost is $4 per employee per month. Ask us about bundling your membership with other services such as training, coaching, or assessments.

For more information about Character First and its benefits visit: