About the Region

Ask anyone from one of the counties that comprise the Project 17 region what makes this part of the state special and they’ll give you a variety of answers ranging from the local business down the street to the great outdoors. But ultimately, they’ll tell you it’s the people. Entrepreneurship and innovation are and will continue to be the driving force behind a bright future led by amazing people. The persevering and pioneering spirit is alive and growing within the people and businesses of this region. This region has joined together and is rising to the challenge to improve the economic opportunities and quality of life for those in the region.

Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs leading all sizes of business call the Project 17 region home and have benefited from the determination and ingenuity of its citizens. The bold and enterprising people of this region rise each day to stand with their neighbors to achieve their dreams. Difficult times have faced the region, but like the pioneers of this area, the citizens forge their own path. Not for glory or recognition, because it’s simply what needs to be done.

Explore the 17 counties in this region and you will find that new adventures are just around the corner. Enjoy state parks, walk-in hunting and fishing opportunities, and wildlife areas for hunting, fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities. Experience the bluestem prairies, historic civil war sites, historic Ft. Scott, and museums as you make your way through this unique region. Once you meet the people and enjoy the local shops and restaurants, you’ll realize why citizens are proud to call this part of the state home!


Regional Statistics

Population: 268,138 (2014 Census)

Climate: Humid, subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters.

Business Economy: 

  • Manufacturing for a mix of foundational and advanced industries including aviation building and construction products, printing, automation and industrial machinery, agricultural and construction machinery, polymers and plastics and more.
  • Agriculture – 12,351 farms accounting for 5,810,038 acres (USDA 2012 Census of Agriculture) operating in the following sectors:
    • grain farming
    • oilseed farming
    • tree nut farming
    • vegetable and melon farming
    • all other crop farming
    • cattle ranching
    • dairy cattle and milk production
    • poultry and egg production
    • Animal production (except cattle and poultry and eggs)
    • greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture production


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