Project 17 – Together We Succeed

Investment in new housing options in Pittsburg to revitalize downtown. http://pittsburgappeal.com/2016/03/23/commissioners-corner-student-housing-coming-downtown/
At last night’s meeting, the Pittsburg City Commission–of which I’m one of five elected members–voted to provide a total of $1.5 million in funding over the course of two years to the S…

Project 17 – Together We Succeed

Brook Drumm (Southeast Kansas) proudly attributes his entrepreneurial success to his teachers and community.

ALTAMONT — Brook Drumm proudly claims his ties to growing up in Southeast Kansas and attending Labette County High School, where he said community and teachers helped set him on the path to fulfilling his entrepreneurial dreams.

Project 17 – Together We Succeed

An effort to revitalize a 17-county area of southeast Kansas has grown from an initial group of 15 people to a volunteer base of about 1,700 participants over the past four years thanks to tireless efforts, media exposure, word of mouth and leadership training sessions. But now Project 17 is on the hunt for reinforcements.

Read about the challenges of bringing in new blood and building bridges across class boundaries in a story by Patsy Terrell in the latest issue of The Journal. http://klcjr.nl/project17sek